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Children’s Dentistry

Baby teeth are important to help children eat and speak properly as well as maintaining space in the mouth for their future adult teeth.


We recommend bringing children in for their first dental visit once they have teeth (which can be as early as six months of age). These initial visits are important in helping your child familiarise themselves with the setting, sounds and faces of the dental practice and can help reduce anxiety surrounding any future dental treatment they may need.


Caring for children’s teeth includes brushing twice a day (morning and night) once baby teeth erupt with a soft children’s toothbrush. A washcloth over your finger can be used to scrub the teeth if they won’t tolerate a toothbrush. Flossing should be performed daily once all the baby teeth have erupted. We recommend brushing and flossing is supervised and assisted by parents.


It is also important to bring children in for a regular check up to help detect cavities, presence of plaque and calculus and crowded or missing teeth. Your dentist will monitor their dietary habits and oral hygiene, dental habits such as grinding and thumb sucking, how the jaws are growing along with the eruption of adult teeth. Detecting issues early can reduce the future expense and complexity of dental treatment and by instilling good dental habits in our children they are more likely to care for their adult teeth and avoid future dental problems.