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The Australian Dental Association is running a campaign to increase the transparency on private health insurance policies. Often the Standard Information Statements which funds are obligated to supply for each policy are inconsistent about restrictions and exemptions making direct policy comparisons difficult.

Furthermore while premiums increase every year the extras rebates you receive from your insurer for dental services have not kept pace. Few insurers cover the full cost of a treatment, with many people left to cover the gap between the premium they pay and rebate they receive.


Insurers are also increasingly in a position to potentially influence how treatments are delivered. Their ownership and operation of dental practices to which they might refer you with the promise of higher rebates interferes with the relationship between a dentist and their patient. In addition whilst you might pay the same premiums as everyone else, you may not receive the same rebates unless you go to a dentist that your health fund has chosen for you – patients should have the freedom to choose their own dentist.


Be sure to compare your health insurance policy to make sure you are getting the most out of it and have your say if you are unhappy with how your health insurer is treating you.


Please check ADA Time2Switch for more informtion.